The European Mathematical Society is a learned society representing mathematicians throughout Europe. It promotes the development of all aspects of mathematics in Europe, in particular mathematical research, relations of mathematics to society, relations to European institutions, and mathematical education. The EMS has as its members around 60 national mathematical societies in Europe, 40 mathematical research centres and departments, and 3000 individuals.

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European Scientitst on transparency, openness, and mobility

The EMS is one of the European societies which signed the open letter with the title

European science organisations: maintain transparency, open communication and mobility of scholars and scientists

motivated by the recent events in the... (Full article)

ISE on the help to researchers stranded abroad after US immigration ban

Initiative for Science in Europe, a lobbying organization of which the EMS is a member, came with an initiative to coordinate help offers to researchers stranded abroad after US immigration ban. Those who want to offer a temporary harbour to such people... (Full article)

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