The European Mathematical Society (EMS) has several committees in charge of different aspects of its activities. The Applied Mathematics Committee is standing committee of the EMS involved in the promotion of applied and industrial mathematics at the european level.

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Scope of the Commitee

The EMS Applied Mathematics Committee wants to promote Applied Mathematics as a whole through and within EMS. It wants to cooperate with other, sometimes more specialized, societies on the European and global level and with applications-oriented member societies, especially in further improving the public and political awareness about the importance of mathematics to cultural, economic and social development. In particular, since the fall 2012 the EMS and ECMI, the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, have signed a collaboration agreement, which at the level of the EMS will be carried out by its Applied Mathematics Committee.

Commitee's composition :
Committee meetings and minutes

Chair: José A. Carrillo (2014-2017)
Helge Holden (2012-2014)

EMS Executive Committee representative:
Volker Mehrmann

ECMI President (Guest): Magnus Fontes

Members Term of office
Annalisa Buffa
Jose Antonio Carrillo 2010-2017
Stéphane Cordier
Pedro Freitas
Helge Holden
Alexander Martin 2010-2017

Marek Niezgódka

Dieter Prätzel-Wolters 2014-2017
Hilary Ockendon 2010-2017
Jean-Michel Poggi 2014-2017
Peregrina Quintela 2010-2017
Ronny Ramlau 2014-2017
Giovanni Russo 2014-2017
Wil Schilders 2014-2017
Samuli Siltanen 2014-2017
Mete Soner 2009-2016
Zdenek Strakos 2010-2017








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