__Women in Mathematics__

Women in Mathematics

Terms of reference:

The committee's remit is to address issues relating to the
involvement, retention and progression of women in mathematics. It
should also support and promote the recognition of the achievements
of women mathematicians. It should discuss and be ready to support
appropriate initiatives to this end coming from either groups or
individuals. The committee should act as the coordinating body for
the committees for women in mathematics of EMS member societies, and
it will also cooperate with other associations for women in mathematics.

See also:

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EMS/EWM Scientific Committee

EC responsible member: Stephen Huggett, Email: s.huggett@plymouth.ac.uk

Chair: Caroline Series (Address)
Terms of office: 2012-2013 and 2014-2015
Term: I
Email: C.M.Series@warwick.ac.uk
Vice-Chair: Lisbeth Fajstrup

Term of office: 2014-2017

Term: II
Webpage: http://people.math.aau.dk/~fajstrup


Name Term of office Term Email
Marta Casanellas 2014-2017 I http://www.pagines.ma1.upc.edu/~casanellas/
Lisbeth Fajstrup 2014-2017 II http://people.math.aau.dk/~fajstrup
Marie-Françoise Roy 2014-2017 I http://perso.univ-rennes1.fr/marie-francoise.roy/
Elisabetta Strickland 2014-2017 I http://www.mat.uniroma2.it/~strickla/
Donna Testerman 2014-2017 I http://imbsrv1.epfl.ch/~testerma/
Katrin Wendland 2014-2017 I http://home.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de/mathphys/mitarbeiter/wendland/index_en.html

Past Members

Name Term of office Term Email
Christine Bessenrodt 2012-2015 I http://www.iazd.uni-hannover.de/~bessen/
Bodil Branner 2010-2013 I b.branner@mat.dtu.dk
Laura Ciobanu 2010-2011 I laura.ciobanu@unifr.ch
Elena Fernandez 2010-2013 I e.fernandez@upc.edu
Catherine Hobbs 2010-2011 II cahobbs@brookes.ac.uk
Natalia Lyulko 2010-2011 II natlyl@mail.ru
Sylvie Paycha 2010-2013 II paycha@math.uni-potsdam.de
Dusanka Perisic 2010-2013 II dusanka.perisic@dmi.uns.ac.rs
Alice Rogers 2012-2015 I