__Developing Countries__

Developing Countries

Terms of reference:

The EMS Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) will assist
developing countries (DCs) at the following levels:

  • Mathematics curriculum development for universities.
  • Cooperation with local staff in conducting MSc and PhD
    programs; holding special courses in various areas of mathematics in
    which there is no local expertise.
  • Helping to build up libraries through donations from
    colleagues in developed countries; supply mathematical literature upon
    request by institutions and/or individual researchers in DCs;
    negotiate with publishers on special book rates for DCs.
  • Helping to build up regional centres and networks of
    excellence: these are centres directly or connected in part to
    universities, and which provide expertise in areas and on levels in
    which regional universities are in need.
  • Providing information about where students from DCs (who
    already have an MSc) can do their PhD, and what possibilities for PhD
    grants exist. At the same time, in order to avoid a brain drain, as
    much as possible, CDC will support efforts to build up PhD programmes
    in DCs according to international standards (regional centres of
    excellence could serve this purpose).
  • Mobilising funds for junior and senior researchers to attend
    conferences in developed countries, and also help (both on an academic
    and financial level) organising conferences in DCs.

EC responsible member: Alice Fialowski, Email:

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Chair: Michel Waldschmidt (Address)
Term of office: 2013-2015
Term: II
Email: miw@math.jussieu.fr
Vice-Chair: Giulia di Nunno
Term of office: 2014-2017
Term: II
Email: giulian@math.uio.no


Name Term of office Term Email
Leif Abrahamsson 2011-2014 I leifab@math.uu.se
Anna Fino 2009-2016 II annamaria.fino@unito.it
Gert-Martin Greuel 2013-2016 I greuel@mfo.de
Giulia di Nunno 2014-2017 II giulian@math.uio.no
Joanna Teles 2014-2017 II jteles@mat.uc.pt
Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum 2014-2017 II ramadas@ictp.it
Paul Vaderlind 2014-2017 II paul@math.su.se
Fernando Rodriguez Villegas 2014-2017 I http://www.ma.utexas.edu/users/villegas/
Begonia Vitoriano 2009-2016 II bvitoriano@mat.ucm.es
Michel Waldschmidt 2012-2015 II miw@math.jussieu.fr
Anders Wandahl 2007-2014 II anders@golonka.se

Past Members

Name Term of office Terms Email
Andreas Griewank 2005-2012 II griewank@mathematik.hu-berlin.de
Michel Thera 2005-2012 II thera@unilim.fr
Tsou Sheung Tsun 2005-2012 II tsou@maths.ox.ac.uk