Dear EMS members, dear friends,

everybody knows the feeling: the party is over, the tables are cleaned, and one's mind has to turn to what to do next. The year that just ended was marked by numerous jubilees. It was not only the Society 25th birthday which we celebrated at the October meeting enjoying the hospitality of the Institut Henri Poincaré and the city of Paris. In a remarkable harmony some of our corporate members celebrated jubilees marked by integer multiples of the EMS's age - six for the London Mathematical Society, five for Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, and three for Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática. It was no doubt an excellent opportunity to appreciate how active and multifaceted is the life of the European mathematical community.

Turning now to look to our next tasks, we see that 2016 will be full of events, the most important among them being the seventh European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin and the EMS Council meeting which will precede it. After six previous issues, the congress has found its place in Europe's mathematical calendar, as a prime opportunity to present the best this continent has to offer. Meeting in a place with a strong mathematical history and an excellent infrastructure, and being prepared by a dedicated team headed by Volker Mehrmann, this year's...

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  • EMS Council in Berlin, July 16-17, 2016

    The EMS Council meets every second year. The next meeting will be held in Berlin, July 16 and 17, 2016, in the Senate Meeting in the Main Building of the Humboldt University at Unter den Linden 6. The Council meeting starts at 14.00 on July 16 and ends at lunch time on July 17.



  • Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics 2016 to Ian Agol

    Congratulations to Ian Agol (University of California at Berkeley and Institute for Advanced Study), the winner of the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics (3 million USD)! Agol is awarded for "spectacular contributions to low dimensional topology and geometric group theory, including work on the solutions of the tameness, virtually Haken and virtual fibering conjectures".

  • 27 th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians

    The 27th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians takes place in the Swedish capital Stockholm in the week 16-20 March 2016 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Institut Mittag-Leffler. The first day of the Congress, March 16, will be devoted to the history of the Institute, followed by scientific talks on March 17-20. One of  the 17 plenary speakers who will deliver lectures in the Aula Magna of Stockholm's University is Sara van de Geer (Zürich) whose  lecture is sponsored jointly by the Bernoulli Society and the EMS. 

From the President

Message from the President (4 Jan 16)

Dear EMS members, dear friends,

Message from the President (6 Jan 15)

Dear members of the EMS,

let me start by wishing you happy new year marked by good health and humour, as well as by some inspirative  ideas. Opening a new  four-year cycle in the life of our society, I have the opportunity to greet all of you when assuming the EMS presidency. It was your  decision, through the Council delegates, which put me into this role, and I feel a deep gratitude for your trust and at the same time  a grave responsibility thinking of what the job requires.

Message from the President (20 Apr 14)

By the end of this year, my term as President of the European Mathematical Society will come to an end. This is therefore my last traditional annual message, and I would like to start it by sending you all my belated best wishes for a very prosperous and peaceful year 2014. A great deal of our activity in the forthcoming months will be focused on the organization of the Council meeting.