More than a thousand participants of the Seventh European Congress of Mathematics, the largest professional meeting of mathematicians on our continent, representing a community tens of thousands strong, took the opportunity of the congress's closing ceremony to protest against the current treatment of academics by the Turkish government.
The government-imposed travelling ban had a direct impact on the congress's scientific program, as valued participants were unable to attend.
Worse, many members of the scientific community have been dismissed from their jobs and will face further restrictions of their basic rights; the justifications for these infringements appear more than dubious. Such violations of human rights generally, and to scientists and teachers in particular, occurred repeatedly over the last century, in a number of countries. We all know their tragic consequences.
We express our solidarity with our Turkish colleagues and demand that the Turkish authorities treat their citizens in accordance with internationally recognised standards of liberty.

  • 7 ECM Berlin: Twelve prizes awarded

    During the opening ceremony of the 7th European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin, 12 prizes were awarded to outstanding mathematicians.
    The 10 EMS prizes went to Sara Zahedi (KTH, Sweden), Mark Bravermann (Princeton Univ., USA), Vincent Calvez (ENS Lyon, France), Guido De Philippis (SISSA Trieste, Italy), Peter Scholze (Bonn, Germany), Peter Varjú (Cambridge, UK), Thomas Willwacher (ETH Zurich, CH), James Maynard (Oxford, UK), Hugo Duminil-Copin (Geneva, CH), Geordie Williamson (MPI Bonn, Germany).

  • EMS Council 2016 elects Portoroz as organizer of the 8ECM

    The second important decision to be taken by the delegates of the council of the European Mathematical Society was the choice of the location of the next European Congress of Mathematics in 2020. Delegations from the two bidders, Seville (Spain) and Portoroz (Slovenia) presented two attractive proposals to council on July 17.
    The outcome of the subsequent vote was that European mathematicians will meet for the 8ECM in Portoroz during the week 5-11 July 2020.

  • EMS Council 2016: Elections to the executive committee

    One of the most important tasks of the council of the European Mathematical Society that convened at the Humboldt University in Berlin during the weekend 16/7-17/7 2016 was the renewal of the EMS executive committee (EC).
    Volker Mehrmann (Berlin; 2017-18) and Armen Sergeev (Moscow; 2017-20) were elected as new vice-presidents of the society by a vast majority of the delegates.

From the President

Message from the President (4 Jan 16)

Dear EMS members, dear friends,

Message from the President (6 Jan 15)

Dear members of the EMS,

let me start by wishing you happy new year marked by good health and humour, as well as by some inspirative  ideas. Opening a new  four-year cycle in the life of our society, I have the opportunity to greet all of you when assuming the EMS presidency. It was your  decision, through the Council delegates, which put me into this role, and I feel a deep gratitude for your trust and at the same time  a grave responsibility thinking of what the job requires.

Message from the President (20 Apr 14)

By the end of this year, my term as President of the European Mathematical Society will come to an end. This is therefore my last traditional annual message, and I would like to start it by sending you all my belated best wishes for a very prosperous and peaceful year 2014. A great deal of our activity in the forthcoming months will be focused on the organization of the Council meeting.