The European Mathematical Society was founded in 1990 at Mandralin near Warsaw in Poland. The Society will thus soon be 25 years old. To mark the anniversary, a one day event under the title "Challenges for the next 25 years" will be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris on October 22, 2015. Lectures with mathematical topics will be given by Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden, the Netherlands), Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Paris, France), László Lovász (Budapest, Hungary), and Andrew Stuart (Warwick, UK). A panel moderated by ERC president J.P. Bourguignon will discuss specific challenges for the mathematical sciences. It will consist of ICIAM president Maria Esteban, the director of the Institut Mittag-Leffler and previous EMS president Ari Laptev, Peter Bühlmann (ETH Zürich representing the Bernoulli Society) and Roberto Natalini (Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, Rome, and chairman of the EMS committee Raising the public awareness of mathematics).

  • Abel Prize 2015

    The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2015 to John F. Nash, Jr., Princeton University and Louis Nirenberg, Courant Institute, New York University “for striking and seminal contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to geometric analysis.”
    The laureates will receive the Abel Prize from His Majesty King Harald at a ceremony in Oslo on 19 May.

  • Call: Proposals for scientific activities in 2016

    The EMS Meetings Committee calls for nominations or proposals of speakers and scientific events in 2016. The EMS, via its Meetings Committee, is willing to provide support that may cover the cost of the EMS Lecturers and of Distinguished Speakers, and to give partial support to the organization of EMS Weekends and of EMS Summer Schools. Only a limited number of events can be supported. Events within Europe and speakers with profound relations to European academic institutions will be given preference. 

  • Nominations for prizes of the EMS solicited

    The European Mathematical Society asks for nominations for the prizes to be awarded at the 7th European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin in July 2016. These are the ten EMS prizes for young mathematicians, the Felix Klein Prize in applied mathematics and the Otto Neugebauer Prize in the history of mathematics. 

From the President

Message from the President (6 Jan 15)

Dear members of the EMS,

let me start by wishing you happy new year marked by good health and humour, as well as by some inspirative  ideas. Opening a new  four-year cycle in the life of our society, I have the opportunity to greet all of you when assuming the EMS presidency. It was your  decision, through the Council delegates, which put me into this role, and I feel a deep gratitude for your trust and at the same time  a grave responsibility thinking of what the job requires.

Message from the President (20 Apr 14)

By the end of this year, my term as President of the European Mathematical Society will come to an end. This is therefore my last traditional annual message, and I would like to start it by sending you all my belated best wishes for a very prosperous and peaceful year 2014. A great deal of our activity in the forthcoming months will be focused on the organization of the Council meeting.