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The EMS Newsletter is the journal of record of the European Mathematical Society and is one of the most widely read periodicals in Europe dealing with matters of interest to the mathematical community. The Newsletter features announcements about meetings and conferences, articles outlining current trends in scientific development, reports on member societies, and many other informational items.

The Newsletter appears four times a year (March, June, September, December). It is sent to all individual members of the EMS, approximately 2500 mathematicians, and to mathematical institutes and member societies. The Newsletter of the EMS is therefore an excellent medium for companies and institutions to advertise products and services to the community of mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, engineers, and other professionals who are regular readers of this popular publication.

DOI: 10.4171/NEWS

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The Abel Prize is won by John Nash and Louis Nirenberg http://t.co/M2a8kd5pge #abel2015 1 day 11 hours ago
The Abel Prize will be announced in around 30 mins. Live stream, including talk by @alexbellos, here: http://t.co/nHiA7JZhxy 1 day 11 hours ago
"Weil was scathing about mathematicians who base conjectures on little more than their own failure..." http://t.co/HzPP8S8zpg 2 days 7 hours ago
“I never competed... I would not have done well [in Olympiads] I believe.” Fields medallist Martin Hairer. http://t.co/hjlHdVOYUu 3 days 10 hours ago
Maria Agnesi: "a volume... [of] 191 philosophical theses she was prepared to defend, challenging all comers" http://t.co/WqNimS4egg 6 days 9 hours ago

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