Seed grant for twinning with developing countries

The Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) of the European Mathematical Society wishes to introduce a "twinning"
scheme, whereby a department in the developed world "twins" with a department in the developing world, to help them in various ways.
For example:

  • Help with journal and database subscriptions, as detailed above
  • Donation of books, journals and equipment
  • Supplying guest lecturers and supporting visits from the less
    developed department

  • Mentoring (see also the London Mathematical Society scheme: http://www.lms/
  • Support for attending major conferences: this we find very
    important for the carreer of individual mathematicians in the developing world.

Although the CDC does not have much funding, we want to launch this
project by offering, during an initial period, a kind of "seed grant"
of up to 500 euros, to any department or institution in the developed
world which wishes to participate in such a twinning scheme and is
willing to provide at least the same amount in support. We hope that
such an initial grant will introduce mathematicians to some very
worthwhile work which they will find it satisfying to continue
afterwards. Further
are available on our website.