PhD position in statistics

Aalborg University
Job Description: 

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Mathematical
Sciences a PhD stipend in statistics is available within the general
study programme Mathematics and Physics. The stipend is open for
appointment from October 1, 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The PhD student will be associated with the statistics group at the
Department of Mathematical Sciences ( The group
is recognised worldwide for its excellent front line research. The
senior members are 2 professors and 7 associate professors with cutting
edge competences within a wide range of statistical disciplines. The
stipend is partly funded by a grant from the Danish National Advance
Technology Foundation ( through the
BagTrack project.

The overall purpose of the BagTrack project is to develop and deploy a
breakthrough in the baggage handling quality in the airline industry.
The key technology is RFID tags attached to bags at selected airports
and subsequently read at fixed points on their way to their final

The PhD student will mainly work with research questions related to the
BagTrack project. The main statistical research challenge will be to
develop statistical models and inference procedures concerning the
handling process and the reading of tags with the main purpose of
developing strategies for bag tagging, analysis of handling quality and
gaining insight into the causes of mishandling.

The applicant must hold at master degree and strong qualifications in
mathematical statistics. Thus, it is essential that the applicant is
strongly familiar with theoretical statistics as well as applied
statistics. Strong computing skills are also highly relevant. Finally,
the applicant must master English both orally and in writing.

Further information is given at
(see `PhD Stipend in Statistics (17-11051)')

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Aug 15 2011