Turing Centenary Conference: Computability in Europe 2012 (CiE 2012)

Jun 18 2012 - 00:00
Jun 23 2012 - 23:59

University of Cambridge, Cambridge (various locations)

Short description of the event: 

CiE 2012 is one of a series of special events, running throughout the Alan Turing Year, celebrating Turing's unique impact on mathematics, computing, computer science, informatics, morphogenesis, philosophy and the wider scientific world.
Its central theme is the computability-theoretic concerns underlying the broad spectrum of Turing's interests, and the contemporary research areas founded upon and animated by them.
In this sense, CiE 2012, held in Cambridge in the week running up to the centenary of Turing's birthday, deals with the essential core of what made Turing's contribution so influential and long-lasting.
CiE 2012 promises to be an event worthy of the remarkable scientific career it commemorates.

Invited speakers:
Andrew Hodges (Oxford, Special Invited Lecture)
Ian Stewart (Warwick, Special Public Lecture)
Dorit Aharonov (Jerusalem)
Verónica Becher (Buenos Aires)
Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon)
Rodney Downey (Wellington)
Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft)
Juris Hartmanis (Cornell)
Richard Jozsa (Cambridge)
Stuart Kauffman (Vermont/Santa Fe)
James Murray (Washington/Oxford, Microsoft Research Cambridge Lecture)
Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins)
Leslie Valiant (Harvard, jointly organised lecture with King's College)

Special Sessions on: The Universal Turing Machine, and History of the Computer; Cryptography, Complexity, and Randomness; The Turing Test and Thinking Machines; Computational Models After Turing: The Church-Turing Thesis and Beyond; Morphogenesis/Emergence as a Computability Theoretic Phenomenon; Open Problems in the Philosophy of Information.