5th IMA International Conference on Influence and Conflict

Apr 23 2012 - 00:00
Apr 25 2012 - 23:59

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK

Short description of the event: 

The conference topic brings to the fore the art of strategic communication (defined by Tatham as: 'A systematic series of sustained and coherent activities, conducted across strategic, operational and tactical levels, that enables understanding of target audiences, identifies effective conduits, and develops and promotes ideas and opinions through those conduits to promote and sustain particular types of behaviour'). It also demands the melding of ideas from a wide range of disciplines – naturally majoring upon mathematics but also including decision sciences, diplomacy and international relations, peace and war studies, anthropology and psychology, military and political science, linguistics and communication studies - whose practitioners and scholars presently engage with the influence and conflict.

This conference, the 5th in an established and successful series hosted by the IMA will, like its predecessors, provide a forum for sharing the latest thinking in these disparate fields and for building multidisciplinary links between researchers. It will bring together conflict analysis and its practical consequences. The organisers are especially seeking contributions that, while springing from rigorous mathematically-based theory, pay attention to the applications. Case studies would therefore be perfectly appropriate. We invite proposals for facilitating workshops and running simulations as well as reports of experimentation and interactive modelling.
This is an international event and will attract contributors from many countries. The conference is intended as a meeting place for those who operate directly in arenas of conflict (e.g. the military, staff of NGOs, mediators), those who provide support or advice (e.g. analysts, contractors, counsellors) and others who offer theoretical concepts and practical frameworks for handling conflict (e.g. academic researchers). While the organisers, by locating this conference at RMAS, are deliberately setting out to indicate a strong military dimension, this will not be an exclusive focus: indeed it is only by working with other communities of practice that the military missions are likely to succeed.

Organising Committee:
Prof Jim Bryant (Sheffield Business School)
Dr Deborah Goodwin (The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Mr Gordon Burt (Conflict Research Society)
Mr Donal O'Neill (Hoptoad Enterprises, Surrey)
Mr Colin Irwin (Dstl, Portsdown)
Call for Papers
Papers will be accepted for the conference based on a 200 word abstract. Abstracts should be submitted by 30 November 2011 either online at http://online.ima.org.uk/ or by email to conferences@ima.org.uk.