Postdoctoral Institute Fellows and Postdoctoral Fellows

The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM)
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ICERM's postdoctoral program brings early career mathematicians to the institute in order to support and expand their research and to create lasting career collaborations and connections. Two sorts of postdoctoral fellows are supported:

Postdoctoral Institute Fellows: The institute funds two one-year postdoctoral positions which are salaried positions with benefits. Each Institute Fellow is a research participant in one of the semester programs planned for that year.

Postdoctoral Fellows: The institute supports four postdoctoral fellows per semester. These postdoctoral researchers are associated with a specific program and typically are in residence for that semester, supported by a monthly stipend.

Each postdoctoral researcher is paired with a senior long-term participant to ensure mentoring and professional guidance. The institute provides a range of professional development activities for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. A weekly graduate student/postdoctoral seminar facilitates peer connections between graduate student researchers and postdoctoral researchers.

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Postdoctoral fellowships
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Dec 9 2011