Postdoctoral research fellow

University of Vienna
Job Description: 

2 Postdoctoral research fellows at the University of Vienna

Duration: 1 year and 2 years (initial appointment is for 1 year with a possible extension).
Starting date: Spring 2012.

Keywords for both positions: Geometric group theory, Gromov's hyperbolic groups, relatively and lacunary hyperbolic groups, residually finite groups,
coarse amenability and coarse embeddings, random groups, sofic and hyperlinear groups.

Postdoctoral research fellows under Marie-Curie actions of the European Comission

Duration and starting date: according to the agreement.
Positions available: Intra-European fellowships, International Incoming fellowships, etc.
Publication of new calls: Spring 2012.

Please contact me by email. Please note that there will not be any answer if your research is not on a related subject.

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Postdoctoral fellowships