YEP IX : “Two-dimensional statistical mechanics”

Feb 27 2012 - 00:00
Mar 2 2012 - 23:59

Eurandom, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Short description of the event: 

This workshop is the ninth in a successful series of YEP meetings taking place at Eurandom in the past years. Traditionally, these meetings bring together junior probabilists from all over Europe working in a particular area of research, allowing them to present and discuss their recent work. This year, the main focus of the workshop will be on "Two dimensional statistical mechanics".

Since the introduction of SLE processes by Oded Schramm and the work of Stanislav Smirnov on conformal invariance of percolation, the area of two dimensional statistical mechanics has become one of the most exciting and active subfields of modern probability. Substantial progress has been made since then, especially in understanding two-dimensional phase transitions, and answers to many fundamental and long standing questions have been found. Apart from its direct relevance to physics, this new and exciting area of mathematics is underlied by deep connections between probability, combinatorics, the theory of conformal maps, and many other parts of mathematics, and continues to be a great source of mathematical discoveries.

The workshop will consist of three mini-courses and a number of talks by young European researchers working on different models of two-dimensional statistical mechanics, leaving plenty of time for discussions and interactions among the participants.