Post Doctoral Researcher - Algorithmic Analysis

University College Cork - Centre for Efficiency-Oriented Languages (CEOL)
Job Description: 

CEOL, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork have one Science Foundation Ireland funded Post Doc position available in the area of algorithmic analysis.

Post Doc details:

Salary: Euro33,975 – 41,630 per annum
Starting date: January 2012
Duration: until August 10th, 2013

Institute/Centre Background:
University College Cork, UCC, is one of the top universities in Ireland. It has a large Computer Science department, including a variety of research groups, several of which are funded by Science Foundation Ireland (

The Centre for Efficiency Oriented Languages developed the novel programming paradigm MOQA (Modular Quantiative Analysis). Information on MOQA can be found in the Springer book: A Modular Calculus for the Average Cost of Data Structuring:

Further information is available from

The CEOL project started in 2003 following a Science Foundation Ireland award and continues with renewed funding from SFI. CEOL attracted funding from other sources, including the Industrial Development Agency and collaborates with industry.

Project Background:
Expanding the scope and applicability of static average-case analysis via MOQA.

Principal Investigator: Michel Schellekens (Computer Science)
Co-Principal Investigator: Emanuel Popovici (Electrical Engineering)

The project builds on fundamental advances in static average-case analysis to expand the scope and applicability of static average-case analysis tools, with a focus on average timing and average power analysis for hardware-software systems.

Post Doc candidate is sought with a background in: 1), 2) and preferably also 3);

1) Analysis of Algorithms, Random Structures
2) Probability, Discrete Mathematics
3) Programming, Static Time Analysis

Candidates should send their CV’s to the CEOL Administrator: Caitríona Walsh
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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Jan 31 2012