PhD Positions in Computer Vision/Visual Psychophysics

University of Vienna, Austria
Job Description: 

Two PhD positions in Computational Vision/Visual Psychophysics

There are two doctoral research positions available, one for Applied Mathematics/Computer Science at the Computational Science Center of the University of Vienna and one for Experimental Psychophysics at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Vienna. The positions are funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) within the research project “Modelling Visual Attention as a Key Factor in Visual Recognition and Quality of Experience”.

The duties of a successful candidate include interdisciplinary collaboration within the group and with other international research partners.

For the Mathematician or Computer Scientist particular research topics are
1. Optical flow simulations,
2. Image analysis and image simplifications,
3. Texture extraction.
For the Psychologist particular research topics are
1. Collection and modeling of eye movement during dynamic edited visual material,
2. collection and modeling of psychophysical data in dynamic 2D scenes,
3. collection and modeling of data during visual recognition.

The progress is published in high quality journals and also presented at international conferences.
Candidates interested in the positions should have graduated as a master in Mathematics, Computer Science, respectively, or as a master in Psychology. The Mathematician or Computer Scientist should have some expertise on differential equations, as well as good programming skills (Matlab and C++). For the Psychologist, prior experience with experimental methods is a must. Supplementary, the applicant should be fluent in spoken and written English and possess the ability to integrate into a highly motivated team.

Contracts can be up to 3 years (starting from March 2012) after evaluation. According to the regulations of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund a work load of 30 hours per week has to be devoted to the project. The salary is according to the scheme of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund and can be found on its homepage.

An application for this position requires
- a CV,
- a letter of motivation,
- grades of master studies (or, if necessary, the corresponding transcripts),
- an abstract of the master thesis,
- and a proposed date of appointment.

Applications should be submitted via email (with the above mentioned information as PDF attachments) to
• MIN HADLER ( Mathematics and
Deadline for application: February 29, 2012

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Feb 29 2012