inverse and reduced city modeling

IFSTTAR (French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks )
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Ifsttar, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, development and networks, resulting from the merger of LCPC and INRETS, hires two researchers on the numerical modelling of urban physics, in the framework of the Equipment of Excellence Sense-City.

The scientists to be hired will develop ad hoc reduced order models (POD, PGD ...) and inverse modeling for real time and reliable mapping of the city key physical descriptors, including air quality, energy, water quality and micro-meteorology based on the outputs of heterogeneous sensor networks.
The numerics to be developed will quantify the impact of urban development in terms of sustainable development. They will assist city operators by providing with a short-time assessment capability for health, environment and energy efficiency at the district scale taking advantage of sensor outputs. They will also help calibrate the city-dedicated sensor networks that will be prototyped in the Sense-City project, and give a rationale for the deployment of these networks.

These tools will hopefully be integrated in the Finite Element code CESAR-LCPC and shall be sufficiently powerful to give a reliable picture of a wide area and eventually run in a time compatible with the decision-making process of city operators.

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Research institutes
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Mar 30 2012