The Second Biennial International Group Theory Conference

Feb 4 2013 - 00:00
Feb 8 2013 - 23:59

Dogus University, Istanbul, Turkey

Short description of the event: 

We would like to announce herewith the second of the Biennial International Group Theory Conferences hosted
every other year by the countries Malaysia, Turkey and Iran successively.

The conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey at Dogus University on February 4-8, 2013.

It aims to bring together leading mathematicians and active researchers working on the theory of groups in
order to exchange ideas, present new results and identify the key problems in the field. This series of
conferences is considered as important means to bring the young group theorists and graduate students with
the leading experts of the world together and help them to get acquinted with relevant and actual theories,
problems and methods of their research area.

It is planned to have
- five mini-courses of two to four hours each,
- 50-minute invited talks (some of which could be in parallel sessions),
- 20-minute contributed talks in parallel sessions,
- poster presentations.

The main speakers who have kindly and generously accepted our invitation are as follows:
Mini Courses will be given by :
P.Flavell, E.Khukhro, M.Liebeck, J.Müller, S.Sidki

Invited talks will be given by

A.Abdollahi, T.Altınel, B.Amberg, A.O.Asar, M.R.Darafsheh, G.Ercan, A.Erfanian, L.Kazarin, M.Kuzucuoğlu, P.Longobardi, A.Lucchini, M.Maj, A.Maroti, N.Vavilov, M.R.R.Moghaddam, E.O'Brien, C.E.Praeger, N.H.Sarmin, E.Yalçın.

The scientific committee consist of

A.Abdollahi, T.Altınel, M.R.Darafsheh, G.Ercan, A.Erfanian, P.Flavell, I.Guloğlu, M.Kuzucuoğlu,
M.Liebeck, M.R.R.Moghaddam, J.Müller, E.O'Brien, C.E.Praeger, N.H.Sarmin, S.Sidki, N.Vavilov.

The organizing committee consists of
S.Esin, I.Guloğlu, S.Kaptanoğlu, A.Koç.