Pre- or Postdoctoral positions

Helmoltz Zentrum München
Job Description: 

We are looking for candidates to take up pre- or postdoctoral positions in the Lopez-Schier group at the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

1) One position is for candidates with a background in informatics, physics or maths to work on information processing and transmission, mainly applying information theory. The project would be mainly theoretical and/or computational, but ideally based on the fish lateral line sensory system as a biological correlate.

2) A second position is for someone interested in developing a project on interacting networks, mainly applying a combination of graph theory and Watts-Strogatz modeling. The project is based on a model of systems stem-cell genetics. This project is ideal for a theoretical physicist or a mathematician. Previous knowledge of genetics or cell biology is not necessary.

Candidates should be ambitious and independent. Recent doctorates (or about to obtain a Ph.D.).
Applications should include a letter of presentation, a CV and the names and contact information of three academic references.

Job Categories: 
Research institutes
Deadline for Application: 
Aug 1 2012