School on Conformal Blocks in Madrid

Oct 15 2012 - 00:00
Oct 19 2012 - 23:59

Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas - ICMAT Madrid, Spain.

Short description of the event: 

The aim of the school is to report on recent progress made in the mathematical theory of Conformal Blocks and to give an introduction to the different areas where Conformal Blocks have emerged.

We plan to offer courses on the following topics:

* Unitarity of the KZ/Hitchin connection
* Divisors over the moduli space of n-pointed rational curves
* Identification between the Conformal Field Theory construction of Topological Quantum Field Theory (TQFT) and the TQFT based on knot theory
* Toric algebras and combinatorics of the Verlinde formula.

The following speakers have confirmed their participation:

J. Andersen (Aarhus)
P. Belkale (Chapel Hill)
N. Fakhruddin (Mumbai)
N. Giansiracusa (Zürich)
E. Looijenga (Utrecht)
C. Manon (Berkeley)
T. R. Ramadas (Trieste)

A detailed programme with the contents of the lectures will be shortly available online.
We can offer accommodation and travel reimbursement to a limited number of participants, depending on funding.