PhD student in mathematical-physics modeling of nanocomposite dielectrics

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
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PhD student in mathematical-physics modeling of nanocomposite dielectrics in electrical breakdown strength applications

KTH School of Electrical Engineering seeks a PhD student in Electromagnetic Engineering

KTH in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. No less than one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all branches of engineering and includes architecture, industrial management and urban planning. There are a total of just over 15,000 first and second level students and more than 1,600 doctoral students. KTH has almost 4,300 employees.

The School of Electrical Engineering conducts research and education in the fields of electrical engineering, systems engineering, information and communications theory, space and fusion plasma physics, and electrical power engineering. 300 people work in this creative and dynamic environment, out of which half are Ph.D. students, many from other countries. Our research projects are carried out in close collaboration with industry partners as well as with research colleagues from Sweden and other countries. The school is responsible for educating civil engineers in electrical engineering and five masters programs which are in great demand and which have a close connection to our main fields.

The scientific and technical activities of the Electromagnetic Engineering lab include fundamental electromagnetic field theory and the physical and technical fundamentals for design of electrical devices. The lab research groups are working with electromagnetic theory, antenna design, diagnostic techniques for electrical insulation, modeling and measurement of magnetic materials and superconductors, the application of reliability centered asset management to electrical power systems, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Project description

Do you love physics, applied mathematics, modeling, simulations and/or nonlinear electromagnetic fields? We have an open position in the modeling of nanoparticles in insulating materials for improving breakdown strength. This project requires a combination of electromagnetic understanding coupled to quantum effects to describe the electric field and charge dynamics in a solid state physics environment description of an insulator. A high applied external voltage results in that the fields become nonlinear and the associated currents will be space charge limited. The influence of nanoparticles and the interface between host polymer matrix and the particle on the non-linear electrical properties is a little explored field of research, with interesting possibilities.

The PhD student will work in a project that has as a goal to understand the influence of nanoparticles in insulators in High Voltage applications. The project is in collaborations with industry within an Elektra project. The model will be validated towards existing experimental data. The project is truly cross disciplinary, aiming towards understanding the material properties in interaction with high electromagnetic fields. It will blend knowledge in solid state physics together with electromagnetic modeling, charge dynamics, chemistry and quantum mechanics. It has the potential to develop new theory, and to verify the theory towards existing experimental results.

A PhD employment at KTH can extend to up to five years, with about 80% of the time devoted to research and 20% to teaching duties.

Eligibility and assessment criteria

It is required to have a Master degree Science in one of the following areas: Engineering Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Material Physics or a corresponding degree.

Master level knowledge in any of the following subjects is advantageous: solid state physics, electromagnetic theory, quantum theory and modeling, material fysik, electromagnetic scattering, nonlinear partial differential equations and computational electromagnetics.
High motivation for doing research.
Ability to work independently and in coordination with a team.
Well-developed analytical abilities and endurance for solving demanding problems.
Fluent in written and spoken English. Please include TOEFL score or equivalent to indicate level of English.


Applications should be sent via email to:

Please combine the application to one single pdf-file with possible scientific work at the end of the application, if possible.

Submission via regular mail: (if electronic submission is impossible)

Royal Institute of Technology KTH
School of Electrical Engineering
Att: Emma Johansson, Kansliet
Osquldas väg 10
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Deadline for applications: 2012-08-15
Please indicate reference number E-2012-0370 in the subject field.

Include the following documents written in English:

Curriculum Vitae
University transcripts including grades and degree certificates of both Master and Bachelor degrees
Short statement of why the applicant applies for this position and to highlight relevant qualifications for this position.
Other documents indicating excellence and are relevant for the position, e.g. master thesis, scientific articles, letters of recommendation, and references


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Research institutes
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Aug 15 2012