6 positions as Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Professor and 6 Ph.D. Fellowships

Department of Biomedicine and Centre for Psychiatric Research at Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University
Job Description: 

The positions are associated with one or more of the following research centres at Aarhus University:

  • The Lundbeck Foundation Initiative for Integrative Psychiatric Research, iPSYCH
  • The Aarhus University Centre for Integrative Sequencing, iSEQ
  • Genome Denmark

All three centres are newly established cross-disciplinary centres having in common the analysis of large genetic data sets. The grants awarded to the establishment of the centres total > 20 mill Euros. In iPSYCH the focus is the genetic and environmental background of five major psychiatric disorders: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, autism and ADHD. The iSEQ centre is an interdisciplinary platform for the analysis of next generation sequence data. Genome Denmark is the main bioinformatics hub of the Advanced Technology Foundation endeavour to establish a Danish reference genome. Together the three centres form a dynamic and international research environment with researchers from many different backgrounds working at the forefront of the field. Key collaborative partners include BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) and leading universities of Denmark and USA.

The research concerns specific and integrative analyses of comprehensive genetic data sets from large samples (tens of thousands) of case and control individuals from national biobanks (containing > 2 million samples), coupled with a wealth of environmental an phenotype related data from the Danish register system, as well as studies of transgenic and cellular models, in particular in relation to major psychiatric disorders.
The unique Danish resources, in particular the combination of national biobanks and national register data, provide unparalleled research opportunities.

The positions concern one or more of the following research areas:

  • Statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and handling of massive genetic and environmental data, including whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, transcriptome and genome wide association data. One of the positions entails responsibility for computational organization and support.
  • Epigenetic studies, including analyses of DNA methylation/methylome and histone modifications in human samples as well as in vivo and in vitro models.
  • Only Ph.D. fellowships: Functional genomics, including development and characterization of transgenic mice (molecular biological, pathophysiological, and behavioural characterization) and cellular models.

Applicants documenting strong qualifications within one or more of these areas will be preferred, but any applicant with strong background in these or related areas such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, molecular biology or medicine is encouraged to apply.

The specific research projects/fields will depend on the applicant’s qualifications and interests within the research themes outlined above.

The Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate Professor positions are from 2 years and up to 5 years. Renewal is expected for a number of the positions, and tenure track may be an option in individual cases.
Depending on the individual qualifications the selected applicants will be offered a position as Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Professor.
Employment as Associate Professor requires a Ph.D. degree and an international competitive track record of scientific qualifications as well as relevant teaching experience. Employment as Postdoctoral Fellow requires a Ph.D. degree or scientific qualifications equivalent to a Ph.D. degree, and employment as Research Fellow requires a Master of Science degree.

The Ph.D. fellowships entail enrolment in the Ph.D. programme at the Graduate School of Health Sciences or Natural Sciences at Aarhus University. Employment as a Ph.D. fellow requires a Master of Science degree or Medical Doctor degree or equivalent scientific qualifications. Alternatively, you can commence a Ph.D. degree while studying for your Master’s or Medical Doctor degree (so-called 4+4, 3+5 or Master-Ph.D. program).
Selected applicants may be offered an introductory stipend for 3-6 months for preparation and planning of the individual Ph.D. project.

As part of the application a description of your expertise, research interests and potential research plans within one or more of the fields mentioned in the advertisement have to be included.

A maximum of 5 peer reviewed scientific papers may be included in the application.

Application deadline:
1 September 2012

Start: As soon as possible.

For further information please contact Scientific Director, Professor Anders Børglum (anders@hum-gen.au.dk), Professor Ole Mors (nielmors@rm.dk), or Project Coordinator Annette Bang Rasmussen (abr@hum-gen.au.dk , phone: +45 2326 6332)

The conditions of employment are based on the agreement between The Ministry of Finance and The Federation of Graduate Employee Unions. As Research Fellow remuneration will include an additional pension-based bonus of DKK 28.400 (October 97-level). As Postdoctoral Fellow remuneration will include an additional pension-based bonus of DKK 37.600 (October-97 level). As Associate Professor remuneration will include an additional pension-based bonus of DKK 67.100 (October 97-level).

The application should include a curriculum vitae, a full list of the applicant’s scientific publications showing which publications the applicant wishes to be included in the assessment, and information about teaching experience. The assessment committee can decide to include material which has not been in the evaluation. In this event, the applicant will be informed and asked to send the material, or else to withdraw the application.

Applications are encouraged regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

Besides, The Faculty of Health Sciences refers to the following guidelines and memorandums, which can be found at www.health.au.dk at Nyheder og stillinger -> vejledninger:
- Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Danish Universities under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.
- Information on qualification requirements and job content is found in Memorandum of Jobstructure for Academic Staff at Danish Universities.
- Guidelines concerning writing an application.


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Faculty of Health Sciences consists of five departments, several smaller units and a number of centers and a faculty administration. The Faculty is headed by Dean Allan Flyvbjerg.The faculty employs approx. 1,000 FTEs with a roughly equal share of academic and administrative staff.
Health's special characteristics in relation to other faculties at Aarhus University is first of all the very close cooperation with the regional health service. Secondly, the majority of faculty qualifications interact across the institute structure.
There are more than 3,000 students at the faculty, of whom more than 2 / 3 are medical students. Nearly 400 complete their degree each year.

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Sep 1 2012