4th week on maths studies and companies

Oct 15 2012 - 00:00
Oct 19 2012 - 23:59

IHP, Paris France

Short description of the event: 

Dedicated to doctoral student on math problems settled by industries and companies. Topics were suggested by EADS, AREVA,Technicolor and LEOSPHERE and concern a wide range of questions on geometry, control, image processing , statistics.

Inspired by the British ESGI (European Study Group for Industry) in the sixties and then widely spread to other European countries, the goal of these workshops is to ease the interconnection between the academic and industrial worlds which can raise benefits for both paradigm.

A call for proposals is proposed to companies from which four or five subjects are chosen, and about forty doctoral and post-doctoral students are committed to work on these subjects. The first meeting is intended to convey suggestions and ideas from, among others, senior researchers. Then small groups of young researchers form to work on these guided topics during the week.