Post-doc Researcher in the area of robust estimation

IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland
Job Description: 

A position for a post-doctoral researcher in the area of robust
estimation is available at
IDSIA (Lugano, Switzerland, Occupancy degree is 100%.

**Job description
The position is granted by the Swiss National Science Foundation
project "Learning under near-ignorance: models and methods" and focuses on basic research.
The goal of the project is to develop new methods for
robust estimation based on families of distributions with particular
emphasis on prior-ignorance models. In particular, the project aims to develop
novel univariate and multivariate, parametric and non-parametric prior models
that, starting from very weak assumptions about the problem of interest,
lead to meaningful posterior inferences.
Of interest of the project is also the asymptotic behaviour of the posterior inferences
derived from these models at the increase of the number of observations.
The project will be mostly based on methodological developments at the
theoretical level but it will also focus on the
application of these methods to problems in which robustness is an
issue such as, for instance, regression, filtering, time series
analysis etc. The project is granted by
the Swiss National Science Foundation and focuses on basic research.

You can obtain further information and references from our website:

-have excellent mathematical skills, preferable in the area of
probability and statistics,
-have both a Master and a Ph.D. degree in mathematics or statistics or
physics or engineering or related area,
-have a strong publication record on topics related to statistical
estimation, robust estimation, applied probability.
-strong commitment to research and publication.

**We offer
-a two-years position (degree of occupancy 100%), with possibility of
-international working environment (English is the official language);
-funded travels in case of papers accepted by well-known international

-roughly 72'000 CHF (approx. 60'000 euro) per year. Low taxes.

To apply

Applicants should submit the following documents, written in English:
-curriculum vitae;
-list of exams and grades obtained during the Bachelor and the Master
of Science;
-list of three references (with e-mail addresses);
-brief statement on how their research interests fit the topics above
(1-2 pages);
-publication list and possibly links to the thesis.

Applications should be submitted by 10 October 2012 through the online
form at the address:

Incomplete applications, or submitted to other addresses, or beyond
the deadline will be not accepted.

For further information please contact
Alessio Benavoli,

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Oct 10 2012