Research fellow (PhD candidate)

University of Bergen
Job Description: 

This PhD project aims at studying the theory and applications of partial differential equations with a special focus on equations modelling waves and flows in shallow water. Special attention will be paid to analytic solutions.

A successful applicant will have interest in and basic knowledge of analysis, partial differential equations, and mathematical physics or wave mechanics. It will be of advantage if the applicant has good knowledge of a programming language such as MATLAB or Fortran.

Applicants must have achieved a master’s degree or equivalent in mathematics or applied and computational mathematics, or have submitted their master thesis for assessment by the application deadline. It is a prerequisite, however, that the formal admission requirements for the PhD programme are met before appointment can be made.

The research fellow must take part in the University’s approved PhD programme leading to the degree within 3 years.

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Job Categories: 
Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 1 2012