Post-doc position

"La Sapienza" University in Rome --- Dept. of Mathematics
Job Description: 

Post-doc position in "Moduli spaces and Lie Theory" (Geometry-Algebra)

The research project should address one of the following themes.
Moduli spaces: moduli spaces of algebraic curves, abelian varieties, vector bundles and metrics. Study of geometric flows in Teichmuller theory. Modular forms and theta functions.

Lie theory:  quantum groups, Lie groups and algebras both classical and super, conformal and vertex algebras, combinatorics of root systems, polytopes and partition functions with attention to computational aspects. Study of completely integrable Hamiltonian equations.

Deformation theory, Hodge theory: symplectic geometry, the theory of algebraic surfaces with an emphasis on the moduli aspects, theory of graded differential Lie algebras. Study of the Hitchin fibration for arbitrary reductive groups.

Index theory: extensions of classical index theory to more general structures than compact manifolds without boundary, combinatorial aspects, Riemann-Roch type formulas in the equivariant case.

Commutative algebra: combinatorial and topological aspects.

The evaluation criteria are determined by the Commission; they will be expressed in a scale out to 100, and will include, with appropriate weights, the following items:
Doctoral Dissertation;
Laurea Graduation mark;
Publications and other research products;
Other documents related to activities carried out as parties to contracts; Grants and positions in national or international research institutes;
Possible interview.

The candidates will be selected on the basis of their curriculum and
scientific qualification, according to the
announcement of the competition (unfortunately in Italian!)

Job Categories: 
Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Oct 15 2012