TUAT workshop "Free divisors, differential equations and related topics"

Nov 5 2012 - 00:00
Nov 10 2012 - 23:59

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Koganei Campus, Tokyo, Japan


e-mail: sekiguti@cc.tuat.ac.jp

Short description of the event: 

The main focus of the meeting will be some aspects of the theory of logarithmic differential forms and free divisors, the theory of logarithmic connections, the corresponding D-modules and holonomic systems of differential equations, certain types of uniformization equations and Painlevé equations, the problem of classification of Saito free divisors, arrangements of hyperplanes and hypersurfaces, fundamental groups of their complements, etc.

Organizers: A.G.Aleksandrov (Moscow), J.Sekiguchi (Tokyo)