3-year PhD studentship in Theoretical Physics (Statistical Physics)

Coventry University
Job Description: 

3-year PhD studentship in Theoretical Physics (Statistical Physics) at Coventry University, England and Université de Lorraine, France.

Fees paid plus £13,590 maintenance per annum (tax free) in the first instance

Supervisory Team: Professor Ralph Kenna, Dr Martin Weigel (Coventry University) and Professor Bertrand Berche (Université de Lorraine)

Details of studentship:
The Applied Mathematics Research Centre (AMRC) at Coventry has 12 senior staff, six of whom are statistical physicists. There is a similar number of postdoctoral researchers and PhD students and a healthy influx of international visiting scientists. The AMRC has close links with the Statistical Physics Group at the Université Lorraine (at Nancy), which has also about 12 permanent statistical physicists.
This is an opportunity for an exciting PhD programme at the forefront of statistical physics research into high dimensional critical phenomena (phase transitions). The project will involve a balance of analytical and numerical work.
Applications are invited for a three year University studentship at Coventry in the first instance. If appropriate funding is available, is hoped that after about 1 ½ years in Coventry the student will have an opportunity to switch to Université Lorraine in Nancy, France. Otherwise the entire PhD will be Coventry based.

Candidates must be EU nationals holding at least a BSc degree in Mathematics, Physics or a related discipline (or those who will have obtained the degree by December 2012).

Job Categories: 
Graduate student fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 3 2012