Scientific Director of the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
Job Description: 

BCAM – the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics is a research centre in the area of applied mathematics established in 2008 in Bilbao by Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science. This center is part of the network of BERCs - Basque Excellence Research Centers supported by the Basque Government.
The initial launching phase of the research center having been successfully completed, BCAM is selecting a new Scientific Director of excellent scientific quality paired with proven human resources leadership who will lead the consolidation of the center and who will define and deploy the research plan of the center.

Duties and responsibilities:
Reporting to the Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee of BCAM, the Scientific Director, as leader of the research center, will:

  • Define the long term research strategy and research lines of BCAM.
  • Propose and deploy the annual management plan of the center.
  • Set and be responsible for the accomplishment of the overall objectives of the center.
  • Identify and attract the necessary research personnel at senior and junior level, with a special commitment to coaching, mentoring and development of Research Group leaders.
  • Develop the international research connections of the center.
  • Obtain national and international research funding.
  • Develop his/her own research line.
  • Be capable and skilled at media relations and public speaking with both scientific and lay audiences.

Position Requirements

  • Recognized scientific excellence in the field of mathematics or related area.
  • Leadership in human resources in science – at least 5 years track record in managing science and research teams on various levels and skills and experience in supporting and nurturing new scientists. Proven capability of motivating research staff.
  • Demonstrated experience and a long-term successful track record in obtaining research funding and managing and directing scientific research programs, including a commitment to scientific excellence and accompanying energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to facilitate and foster research efforts at the forefront of science.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, initiative and self-motivation along with an ambition to develop the research center to a world-class standard.
  • Proven capacity to take decisions, both at strategic and operational level.
  • Language: English proficiency.


Position details


  • Applicant scientists must have a Ph.D. degree and demonstrated scientific leadership with senior-level research experience in mathematics or related area, with a preference for applied mathematics.
  • Interested candidates should send a detailed CV and letter of motivation to:
  • Opening date: October 15, 2012.
  • Closing date: will remain open until filled.
  • Inquiries at or

Selection procedure:

  1. A distinguished international hiring committee chaired by Prof. John M. Ball, University of Oxford, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of BCAM, will start the prescreening of candidates in December 2012.
  2. Interviews of preselected candidates in early 2013 by hiring committee in Bilbao.
  3. Final appointment decision by Board.
  4. Selection process will remain strictly confidential.


  • Permanent Research Professorship and an additional 5 years contract as Scientific Director (renewable).
  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience.
  • Appointment to start in 2013 at the earliest convenience of the selected candidate.
  • Based in Bilbao, Spain.
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Research institutes