Tenure or Tenure-Track Faculty

Department of Applied Mathematics, National University of Tainan, Taiwan.
shyi622 @mail.nutn.edu.tw
Job Description: 

Academic Position Open for Application
Department of Applied Mathematics, National University of Tainan
Position type: Tenure or Tenure-Track Faculty
Deadline for Application: November 4, 2012 (By postmark).
Mail the related materials to Department of Applied Mathematics,
National University of Tainan. Address: 33, Sec. 2, Shu-Lin St., Tainan 70005, Taiwan.
Telephone: +886-6-2133111 extension 651.
(1) Education: Ph.D. degree in accreditation of Ministry of education from related mathematics.
(2) Experience: with outstanding work in research and teaching in the field of related mathematics.
1. Mathematics-related fields.
2. At least two recent five years (after August, 2007) SCI or SCI-E journal articles, one must be representative and first author or corresponding author.
3. English teaching skills (interview in English).
Related materials:
(1) fill out the forms of " National University of Tainan recruited teachers data”(Appendix I) and " Department of applied mathematics, National University of Tainan recruited teachers data "( Appendix II ) , and attach paper data list, electronic document ( or CD ).
(2) Bachelor, master and doctoral diplomas (without accepting doctoral candidates), teachers ' qualification certificate, the front and back a copy of the identity card.
(3) The basic personal information : (1) list of education, experience (including academic professional organizations ) (2) areas of expertise (3) current and future research directions.
(4 ) Content outline of the curriculum.
(5) Offprints or copies of representative academic published works within the last five years.
(6) Other relevant research results and awards.
(7) Three representing publication and three reference works.
(8) Please attach the questionnaire of teaching in the previous instruction.

Contact: Miss Chien +886-6-2133111 extension 651,
Fax: +886-6-3017131
E-mail: shyi622 @mail.nutn.edu.tw

(1) Please note "recruitment application of Department of Applied Mathematics” on the envelope.
(2) Education listed in materials means a public or private or registered domestic and foreign graduate school/Department/College recognized by the Ministry of education.
(3) Obligations of administrative work for two years.
(4) New recruits to be promoted to Assistant Professor in six years after arrival.
(5) Applicants at your own backup data after pickup will not be returned.

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 4 2012