PhD position in Singularity Theory

Universität Halle, Germany
Job Description: 

Applications are invited for a PhD position in the area of Singularity Theory at the University of Halle
(in the geometry group, Prof. J. Rieger). The part-time (half E 13 TV-L) position involves 2 hours of teaching per week (the courses are taught in German). Ideally the applicant should have obtained his or her MSc or Diploma thesis in the area of Singularity Theory (or on some related subject in the areas of algebraic geometry, commutative algebra or differential geometry). Further details on the position (Reg.-Nr.: N-4457/12) and the application procedure can be found under the following link (see ZUV-Info: 727/2012):

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 16 2012