2 year postdoctoral fellowship at EPDI institutes

European Post-Doctoral Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Job Description: 

Each year, 5 to 7 European laureates are selected by an International Jury for a post-doc postition at the European Post-Doctoral Institute for Mathematical Sciences on the basis of excellence. Candidates should propose over two years an itinerary with ­
* visits of varying length (generally 6 to 12 months) at at least 2 EPDI institutes conducting scientific activities related to the areas of interest of the candidate, ­ or at a Japanese University via the partnership with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science JSPS.
* Stays in the country of origin or of PhD can be arranged at the end of the grant (3 months max.).
Laureates will be selected by mid-January 2013.
Fellowships will start in September or October­ 2013 ­ ­
Information including an online application form: http://www.ihes.fr/jsp/site/Portal.jsp?page_id=36#

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 25 2012