Postdoctoral position in AstroStatistics at Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

CIMFAV, Universidad de Valparaiso
Job Description: 

A post-doctoral position in the field of AstroStatistics is expected to start from March 2013 at the Centro de Investigación y Modelamiento de Fenómenos Aleatorios-Valparaíso (CIMFAV) of Universidad de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile. The successful candidate will provide mathematical, probabilistic, statistical and data analysis support for the activities of the Center of Astro-Statistics.
In Valparaiso, researchers of three groups, CIMFAV and CdAV (Center of Astrophysics of Valparaiso) of the Universidad de Valparaíso and GAE-IES (Group of AstroStatistics of Statistics Institute) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, have joined to develop research in the field of AstroStatistics. These groups are integrated by astronomers, cosmologists, mathematicians and statisticians.
The main goal of the Center is to become a Center of excellence in AstroStatistics research. Chile is positioned as one of the best countries to investigate in astronomy and cosmology due the amount of modern observatories placed here. The successful candidate will have full access to the 10% of Chilean observing time at the international telescopes operating in Chile, as ESO (VLT and La Silla), APEX, ALMA, Gemini South, SOAR, Magellan, etc.
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• CdAV, see,
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Applicants should have a recent Ph.D. or equivalent in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field. Some theoretical or data analysis experience, relevant to the specific field of AstroStatistic, and some knowledge about the following subjects: Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Analysis, Image processing, Non-parametric techniques, is desirable. Also ability to program in a relevant computer programming language is necessary.
The appointment is for two years, starting from March 2013. To apply, send CV and 2 reference letters addressing the qualifications of the candidate to Dr. Cristian Meza ( before January 15, 2013. The CV should include a list of publications and a brief description of applicants’ research goals.

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Universities and colleges
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Jan 15 2013