Postdoctoral position in biomathematics for two years

INRA - Biostatistics and Spatial Processes research unit and Eco-innov unit
Job Description: 

The post-doc work consists in adopting three different mathematical approaches to assess the impact of genetically-modified plants on non-target organisms.

The post-doc is part of the EU project AMIGA ( - Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified (GM) plants on Agro-ecosystems). AMIGA suggests that a major progress is expected from modeling to help set up efficient and costeffective monitoring schemes. Indeed, exposure models can be used to support the potential effects of
GM plants on Non-Target Organisms as they make it possible to explicitly consider the variability of factors driving environmental impacts as well as uncertainties in some parameter values (see for example, Perry et al., 2012, J. Applied Ecology 49, 29-37.).

Existing exposure models are mostly local and large-scale exposure parameters are highly variable across receiving environments. To account for this variability, such models need to consider landscape patterns, spatial and temporal dynamics of non-target organisms as well as management systems (GM uptake, cropping systems, etc).

The post-doc work will consist in expanding the concept of the exposure models developed by Perry et al. (2012) on the impacts of Cry1-expressing Bt maize on non-target lepidoptera.

Various methodological approaches will be considered and their performances to support the overall objective of the AMIGA project will be compared:
- Spatially-explicit expansion of the Perry’s exposure model;
- Reaction-diffusion and/or integro-differential models including spatially dependent mortality and diffusion parameters;
- Trajectory-based models depending on moving behaviour of lepidoptera of interest.

The three approaches above rely on the characterization of the landscape (Bt maize fields, other fields, field with weeds, field borders with weeds...). This characterization will be one of the tasks of the postdoc.

Location: Avignon (South-East of France). Duration 2 years. Expected starting date: as soon as possible and before February 1, 2013. The position will be filled as soon as an adequate candidate is available. Deadline for application: December 31, 2012.

Candidates should have a PhD in Applied Mathematics or in Ecology with strong capacities in modelling.

Basic salary will be funded by the European project AMIGA 2011-2015
Net monthly salary: 1880 euros.
Research expenses, including travel expenses, will be funded by the European project AMIGA 2011-2015.


Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Dec 31 2012