Postdoctoral position in Experimental Math

University of Copenhagen
Job Description: 

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is seeking a postdoc to work on fusion systems of finite groups and colorings of finite simplicial complexes. We are seeking candidates who have both research experience in related areas of mathematics as well as experience with performing mathematical experiments on computers. The position will be connected to the Center for Experimental Mathematics.

The position is a two year position, with application deadline November 30, 2012, and starting date February 1, 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter. The fundamental duty of the successful candidate is to participate in a research project involving the development of methods to perform large-scale computer experiments related to the analysis of fusion systems of finite groups, Euler characteristics of finite categories, and colorings of finite simplicial complexes in continuing interaction with computer scientists from the E-Science center of the Faculty of Science, and with senior mathematicians. The successful candidate may also teach and fulfill other tasks requested by the Department.

The salary is very competitive, currently approx EUR 60000/year (EUR 5000/month), including pension, which for non-Danes amounts to EUR 3000/month paid out after tax as salary, plus EUR 700/month (pre-tax) pension savings.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has strong research groups in many areas of mathematics, and has an active postdoc and visitors´ programme; we refer to our homepage for more information.

Applications should be submitted through the University of Copenhagen's job portal.

Job Categories: 
Universities and colleges
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Nov 30 2012