Non-linear optical and atomic systems: deterministic and stochastic aspects

Jan 21 2013 - 00:00
Jan 25 2013 - 23:59

Lille, France

Short description of the event: 

The main scientific goal of the one-week conference is to bring together physicists and mathematicians interested in the experimental, theoretical and mathematical study of the interplay between dynamical determinism and fluctuations in three selected nonlinear systems: cold-atom experiments, light pulses in optical fibers and relativistic electron bunches.


The conference will include three introductory courses:
- Numerical aspects: Xavier Antoine (Nancy, France),
- Physical aspects and modelling: Sergej Flach (Auckland, New-Zealand),
- Stochastic aspects: Josselin Garnier (Paris 7, France),

Talks given by other experts in mathematics and physics will complete the program.

Confirmed Plenary speakers:
- Anne De Bouard (Palaiseau, France),
- Claudio Conti (Rome, Italy),
- Jean Dalibard (ENS, Collège de France, France)
- Ionut Danaila (Rouen, France),
- John Dudley (Besançon, France),
- Gennady El (Loughborough, United Kingdom),
- Philippe Gravejat (Palaiseau, France),
- Benoit Grebert (Nantes, France),
- Patricio Leboeuf (Orsay, France),
- Jean-Claude Saut (Orsay, France)