LMS-EPSRC Short Instructional Course - O-Minimality and Diophantine Geometry,

Jul 8 2013 - 00:00
Jul 12 2013 - 23:59

University of Manchester, UK

Short description of the event: 

The last five years seen a surprising and fruitful interaction between o-minimality, a branch of model thoery, and diophantine geometry. The most spectacular outcome of this interaction is Pila's proof of the André-Oort conjecture for products of modular curves (Annals of Math., 2011). There have been further important developments by several mathematicians including Masser, Zannier, Ullmo, Yafaev, Habegger, and Pila.

The aim of the LMS-EPSRC Short Course is to introduce students in both model theory and number theory to these recent developments. The strategy underlying the diophantine applications will be introduced through a simple example accessible to first-year graduate students, and the key ingredients will each be discussed.

The three main lecture course topics are:
 Rational points on definable sets (Alex Wilkie, Manchester)
 Functional transcendence via o-minimality (Jonathan Pila, Oxford)
 Diophantine applications (Philipp Habegger, Frankfurt)

There will be guest lectures given by David Masser (Basel), Andrei Yafaev (UCL) and Gareth Jones (Manchester).

These lecture courses will be supplemented by tutorial sessions.

Applications: Applications should be made using the registration form available via the Society’s website at: www.lms.ac.uk/content/short-instructional-courses.

Research students, post-docs and those working in industry are invited to apply.

Application Form: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VNGFSFN

The closing date for applications is Monday 27 May 2013.

(Numbers will be limited and those interested are advised to make an early application.)

*All applicants will be contacted within two weeks after the deadline; information about individual applications will not be available before then*
*In the event of over-subscription preference will be given to UK-based research students*


All research students registered at a UK university will be charged a registration fee of £100. There will be no charge for subsistence costs.

UK-based postdocs will be charged a registration fee of £250, plus half the subsistence costs (£150) £400 in total.

All others (overseas students and postdocs, those working in industry) will be charged a registration fee of £250 plus the full subsistence costs (£300) £550 in total.

All participants must pay their own travel costs (for EPSRC funded students, this should be covered by their DTA).

Fees are not payable until a place on the course is offered but will be due by Friday 28 June.