6th International Conference on Advanced COmputational Methods in ENgineering

Jun 23 2014 - 15:00
Jun 28 2014 - 20:00

NH Gent Belfort, Gent, Belgium

Short description of the event: 

ACOMEN 2014 is the 6th event in a successful series of interdisciplinary international conferences, which aims to bring together a diverse community of mathematicians, engineers, and physicists involved in applied sciences, mathematics and developing advanced computational methods.

It has been traditionally organized in Belgium:
ACOMEN 1998 Ghent, 2–4 September,
ACOMEN 2002, Liege, 28–31 May,
ACOMEN 2005, Ghent, 30 May–2 June,
ACOMEN 2008, Liege, 26–28 May,
ACOMEN 2011, Liege, 14–17 November.

The main topics of ACOMEN include but are not limited to:
applied mathematics,
numerical analysis and computational mathematics,
financial mathematics,
optimization and optimal control,
inverse problems,
computational finance,
computational electromagnetism,
fluid dynamics,
heat transfer and porous media flow,
computational chemistry,
computational biology and medicine,
computational geoscience,
high-scale and parallel computing,
software for scientific computations.