Instructor of Mathematics

Dev P. Sinha
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
United States
Job Description: 

Dear colleague,

In my department at the University of Oregon we are looking to hire an instructor to help lead the teaching of our courses for pre-service elementary teachers, as well as to work with local (and maybe state-wide) schools and districts on professional development for in-service teachers, across K-12. The teaching load will leave enough time for the latter kind of work. I have been working with local, state and national groups on the transition to the Common Core, so the hire will be able to start projects in K-12 right away.

You can see the official job announcements at the links below. While the skill set the person will eventually develop is fairly special, there are a number of possible backgrounds which strong candidates could possess:
* a successful instructor in courses for pre-service teachers
* someone with a mathematics education background who is more interested in applying currently recognized best practices for professional development than in carrying out a research program.
* someone with a mathematics background who has been highly successful as a teacher and strongly desires to switch focus on efforts related to K-12 education.
* someone with K-12 teaching experience looking to work with teachers within a higher-ed framework (rather than working for a district or as a consultant).

Please pass along this announcement to appropriate lists and especially to individuals whom you think would make good hires.

Thanks and best wishes,

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Sep 1 2013