Senior Lecturers in Mathematics

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Chalmers University of Technology
Job Description: 

The Division of Mathematics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences seeks at least one ambitious and dedicated Senior Lecturer, with a great interest in undergraduate teaching as well as the ability to employ modern technology in teaching and explore the possibilities for so doing. You will be expected to devote the major part of your time to teaching and course development.

As a Lecturer you have responsibility for developing, planning and performing teaching and examinations at all levels, but primarily at Bachelor level. It is vital that you can handle the technical systems which are essential for carrying out these duties. You are also expected to take part in the work of developing new teaching methodolgies, for example through the application of new technologies. You should be able to teach a number of courses at Master's level, supervise Bachelor's and Master's theses, and contribute to the Department's seminar activity. Depending on the availability of funds, there may also be the opportunity to conduct your own research.

It is important that you can create a good atmosphere in teaching situations, and take individual responsibility for an assigned task. You should display initiative in seeking challenges and opportunities for development in your work, dare to question established practices but also adhere to decisions and priorities. Many of your duties will be carried out in conjunction with others, so you must be willing to listen and cooperate.

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Job Categories: 
Lecturer, Mathematics
Deadline for Application: 
Apr 18 2013