PhD Studentship in Mathematical Biology at the University of Adelaide

Dr Edward Green
University of Adelaide
Job Description: 

A fully funded PhD studentship is available in the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide from July 2013. The studentship is associated with the recent grant of an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award to Dr Edward Green. Potential topics include:
- mathematical modelling of the mechanics of complex biological materials, with applications in tissue engineering and the mechanics of the intervertebral disc
- mathematical modelling of the role of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions in tissue development

These projects will involve the development of continuum models (PDEs), with scope for also investigating individual-based modelling approaches, depending on the interests of the student.

Applicants should have a Masters degree in mathematics, physics, engineering or a related subject, and must satisfy the entry requirements of the Adelaide Graduate Centre ( A background in mathematical modelling, partial differential equations, and programming in Matlab would be an advantage. Some knowledge of biology would be helpful, but is not essential.

The studentship provides a stipend of AU$ 24,653 per year. A fee waiver for international applicants has been agreed in principle.

Potential applicants should contact Dr Edward Green ( For more information about the University of Adelaide, visit

Job Categories: 
Graduate student fellowships
Mathematical biology Mathematical modelling Partial differential equations
Deadline for Application: 
Dec 30 2013