97 European Study Group with Industry

Nov 11 2013 - 00:00
Nov 14 2013 - 23:59

Faculty of Mathematics, University of Santiago de Compostela
C/Lope Gómez de Marzoa, s/n
15782, Santiago de Compostela (SPAIN)

Short description of the event: 

Initiated in Oxford in 1968, Study Groups with Industry provide a forum for industrial scientists to work alongside academic mathematicians on problems of direct industrial relevance. They are an internationally recognized method of technology and knowledge transfer between academic mathematicians and industry, usually lasting one week.

The objectives set to achieve at the ESGI are:

found solutions and insights into existing industrial problems;

established lasting and productive working links between research applied mathematicians and industry;

propose new lines of research based on business challenges;

reinforce the importance of mathematics in industry and mathematical profiles companies; and

stimulated greater awareness in the wider community of the power of mathematics in providing solution paths to real-world problems.

97 European Study Group with Industry

From 11th to 14th November, 2013 it will be held at Santiago de Compostela the 97 European Study Group with Industry, in collaboration between the Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI | http://www.itmati.com/en) and the Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in | http://math-in.net/?q=en).

Problems and companies presented at this edition are:

  • Electric Scale up for a carbothermic Al-process | Teknova AS y Alcoa Norway ANS
  • Process models for the production of Microalumina | Elkem AS Silicon Materials
  • Diseño de una red óptima de sensores de medida para monitorización de recurso renovable en áreas geográficas | Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER)
  • We would like to have your presence at this event, so that together make this study groups a success, which help us to recovery of Mathematics as another branch on the knowledge scientific transfer to the companies.