Workshop for Young European Queueing Theorists: "Scheduling and priorities in queueing systems"

Nov 4 2013 - 00:00
Nov 6 2013 - 23:59

Eurandom, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Short description of the event: 

The Young European Queueing Theorists (YEQT) workshops are organized on a yearly basis at Eurandom, Eindhoven.
The aim of these workshops is to bring together young researchers (PhD students, postdocs, or recently appointed lecturers or assistant professors) to share and discuss research related to queueing theory.
In addition, a few leading researchers give a tutorial or keynote lecture, so as to inspire the young researchers.

Keynote speakers will be Rhonda Righter (Berkeley University), Rami Atar (Technion) and Joris Walraevens (Ghent University).
The tutorials will be given by Michael Harrison (Stanford University) and Richard Weber (University of Cambridge).