Intensive research period "Teichmüller theory and surfaces in 3-manifolds"

May 26 2014 - 00:00
Jun 20 2014 - 23:59

Centro di Ricerca Matematica "Ennio De Giorgi", Pisa - Italy

Short description of the event: 

During weeks I, II and IV there will be mini-courses and research talks, along with time for discussion.
Emphasis will be put on the following topics:
Riemann surfaces, hyperbolic surfaces, CP1-structures
Geometric structures on Riemann surfaces, representation of surface groups
Teichmüller theory, special mappings between surfaces
Riemannian and Lorentzian 3-manifolds of constant curvature
Surfaces immersed in 3-manifolds, minimal surfaces.

A more intensive workshop will take place during the third week (9-13 June).

Minicourse speakers (Weeks I-II-IV) include:
Thierry Barbot (Avignon)
Francis Bonahon (USC)
Marc Burger (ETH Zürich)
William Goldman (College Park)
Alexander Goncharov (Yale)
Jeremy Kahn (Brown)
François Labourie (Orsay)
Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)
Andrew Neitzke (Austin).

Workshop (Week III) speakers include:
Marc Burger (ETH Zürich)
Guillaume Dreyer (Notre Dame)
David Dumas (UIC)
Stefano Francaviglia (Bologna)
William Goldman (College Park)
Alexander Goncharov (Yale)
Colin Guillarmou (ENS Paris)
Ursula Hamenstädt (Bonn)
Zheng Huang (CUNY)
Alessandra Iozzi (ETH Zürich)
Fanny Kassel (Lille I)
François Labourie (Paris XI)
Christopher Leininger (UIUC)
Vladimir Markovic (CalTech)
Howard Masur (Chicago)
Kasra Rafi (Toronto)
Andrés Sambarino (Paris XI).

Some financial support for accommodation and local expenses will be available for younger participants.
The deadline for applying for financial support is 28 March 2014.

Scientific committee: Steve Kerckhoff (Stanford), Bruno Martelli (Pisa), Jean-Marc Schlenker (Luxemburg), Mike Wolf (Rice).
Organizing committee: Francesco Bonsante (Pavia), Roberto Frigerio (Pisa), Gabriele Mondello (Roma "Sapienza").