Post-doc position in pure mathematics for candidates coming from Italy

Alexander D. Rahm and Emil Sköldberg
National University of Ireland at Galway, Department of Mathematics
Job Description: 

Post-doctoral funding to be obtained from the Marie Curie COFUND project of the Italian Institute of Higher Mathematics, for research at National University of Ireland at Galway, Department of Mathematics.

Applicants to Outgoing fellowships must be Italian nationals and must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the outgoing country for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the Call deadline. For the purpose of the programme, Italy non-nationals having legally resided and having had their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Italy for at least three out of the last four years, measured at the submission deadline for proposals, are treated as Italian nationals (concept of “assimilated nationality”). Short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

You can apply for this position if you want to carry out post-doctoral studies in Algebra, Group Theory, Geometry, Topology, Number Theory, or any combination of them. You can either suggest your own project, or work on the following topic.

Homology of small index subgroups in the Bianchi groups:

The Bianchi groups are groups of special linear 2x2-matrices with a nice geometric action on hyperbolic space.
This beautiful action can be used to find out a lot about the group structure.
Also, the Bianchi groups admit a huge collection of small index subgroups, for which this has not yet been done.
One possibility for a doctoral student to arrive very quickly at the level of current research, is computation of invariants of these subgroups, e.g. their homology.
There is a variety of textbooks facilitating to enter into the topic. These textbooks are quoted in the articles and preprints on

This post-doc position will be funded by the COFUND-2012 INdAM OUTGOING FELLOWSHIPS, and this requires preparing the application well before the deadline of January 10th, 2014:

If you are interested in applying, then please contact us ( and ) quickly, so we can help you with preparing your application file.

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Mathematics, Homological Algebra, Geometry, Topology
Deadline for Application: 
Jan 10 2014