8th Workshop SDS2014 STRUCTURAL DYNAMICAL SYSTEM : Computational Aspects

Jun 10 2014 - 19:49
Jun 13 2014 - 19:49

Hotel Villaggio Porto Giardino Capitolo-Monopoli, Bari, Italy


Short description of the event: 

The Workshop will take place at the Hotel Villaggio Porto Giardino Capitolo-Monopoli, Bari, Italy
The main aim of this workshop is to put together researchers of different areas, in particular Mathematics and Engineering, to give them the opportunity of discussing, in a friendly atmosphere, recent developments in computational and theoretical methods for Dynamical Systems and their applications.
This edition of the meeting follows seven previous editions held, at the same place, in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010 and 2012 and will be focused on Piecewice Smooth Dynamical Systems. The main topics are:

Numerical methods for ODEs;
Discontinuous ODEs
Piecewise-smooth dynamical systems;
Dynamical systems with variable structure;
Sliding motion and Control;
Ensemble Control of Linear Dynamical systems.
Genetic and Medical Applications.

Both numerical and theoretical aspects of the previous topics will be welcome. Invited speakers are:

Alessandro Colombo (Politecnico Milan, Italy)
Luca Dieci(Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Mario Di Bernardo (University of Naple Federico II, Italy)
Nicola Guglielmi (University of L'Aquila, Italy)
Ernst Hairer (University of Geneve, Svizzera)
Uwe Helmke (University of Wuerzeburg)
Liliana Ironi (IMATI, CNR, Pavia, Italy)
Christian Lubich(University of Tubingen, Germania)
Petri Piiroinen (National University of Ireland, Ireland)
Mike Jeffrey (University of Bristol, England)
Erik Van Vleck(University of Kansas, USA)