Pos Doc Position in Coding Theory

Institute of Mathematics, University of Campinas, IMECC-UNICAMP, Brazil
Job Description: 

We offer a Pos-Doc position at the Mathematics Department, at University of Campinas – UNICAMP, Brazil, for a young researcher in Coding Theory.
University of Campinas is one of the leading universities in Brazil and the Mathematics Department is one of the leading departments, with a large graduate program.
The position is offered by a group of researchers dealing with coding theory, more specifically with codes in spaces endowed with poset metrics.
The position includes a monthly grant of R$ 4,508.10 (Brazilian Reais, equivalent to US$ 2.450, approximately), air-tickets for the researcher and his family, an additional grant at first moth to cover move expenses and an additional of 15% of his/her monthly stipend that can be used to support research activities (acquisition of equipments, books, participation in conference and so on). The position is offered for almost two years, until March 2012.
Dead line for registration: April 15th, 2010.
Details at http://www.ime.unicamp.br/~mfirer/Pos-doc_Position_UNICAMP.pdf
Aditional information: mfirer@ime.unicamp.br

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Apr 15 2010