Development of solvers for astrophysical fluid dynamics

University of Heidelberg, Germany
Job Description: 

GR-I-RMHD is a numerical solver for fluid dynamics in high
energy astrophysics

The successful candidate is expected to work with this solver, modify
its components and enhance its transparency to enable researchers
worldwide to use GR-I-RMHD efficiently.

This work is suitable for a Diploma, Doctor-thesis, but also
for a postdoc research in applied Mathematics and/or Astronomy.

Persons interested in carrying out this research should
have experience:

1) with solvers in computational fluid dynamics,
2) also with Fortran as a programming language,
3) in numerical mathematics,
4) html software/programming.

Interested candidates should send their CV, including a
description of their experience in CFD, simulation and/or
numerics in PDF to:
The starting date is asap.

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Universities and colleges