A high level "Chaire d’excellence" lecturer in Biostatistics

University of Franche Comte
Job Description: 

"Biostatistics and biomathematics in the environment and health field"
The UMR n° 6249 "Chrono-Environment" is seeking to recruit a new Lecturer in the "Chaire
d’Excellence" French Program. He/she will receive a special salary package funds to settle a team.
The CNRS UMR n° 6249 "Chrono-Environment" offers a unique trans-disciplinary scientific
environment with access to core facilities. Application from young scientists willing to conduct in the
future their independent group is particularly welcomed.
Statistical theory and stochastic approaches, already have contributed greatly to advances in the
"Environment and Health" field, together with technological advances in computing and other fields
such as remote sensing. Conventional research designs, however, often are inadequate and the data
involved usually have nonstandard features due to spatial and temporal variations. Definition and
resolution of these problems require a multi-disciplinary approach involving collaboration of
biologists, ecologists, environmental epidemiologists, applied mathematicians and biostatisticians.
The applicant will conduct his/her research in close interaction with the "Environment and Health"
team of the UMR n° 6249. This researcher should thus develop innovative approaches in some of the
following fields: ecological assessment and multi-scale analysis, infectious disease modelling, geo-
spatial statistics and spatio-temporal analysis, statistics in environmental toxicology and epidemiology,
modelling and simulation of landscape fragmentation for ecosystem health assessment, remote sensing
and GIS-based exposure assessment, etc.
The successful candidate will have a strong background in space/time and multiscale modelling.
He/she will also have excellent writing and personal communication skills. Only applicants with a
PhD in an eco-epidemiology, quantitative ecology, biostatistics, applied mathematics or related field
need apply. A successful postdoctoral experience is strongly recommended. The incumbent will have
a healthy publication record in internationally accredited scientific journals.
More information on the research conducted in the unit is available on the website: http://chrono-

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
May 5 2010