Finite volume methods for two-phase flow in porous media

Marie Curie Doctoral Position -- Guigues-Environment, University Paris-Sud 11, University of Zürich
Job Description: 

The doctoral student will initially work at The Guigues-Environnement Enterprize, France for a two year long period (under the joint guidance of L. Demongodin and D. Hilhorst), then 6 months at the University of Paris-Sud 11 at Orsay, France (under the joint guidance of D. Hilhorst and L. Demongodin) and another 6 months at the University of Zurich (with M. Chipot). The doctoral student will investigate a newly developed variant of the finite volume method for convection-reaction-diffusion systems. This will permit him (or her) to include inhomogeneous and anisotropic diffusion terms and to write efficient programs in the case of real geological meshes as is of interest for Guigues-Environnement. He will also extend his (or her) research to the simulation of multiphase flow in porous media, possibly taking the discretization of Richards'equation as a starting point., WPB6, ESR 24.

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Universities and colleges
Deadline for Application: 
Oct 30 2010