Doctoral assistant positions.

Department of Mathematics, University of Fribourg
Job Description: 

Within the framework of the Swiss National Science project ``Simple closed geodesics and the study of Teichmüller space" Doctoral Assistant positions are available. The start date would be at the earliest convenience. Candidates must have a masters degree or a diploma in mathematics. In addition to working towards the obtention of a doctoral degree, the successful candidates will be expected to teach exercise courses (in French or German), collaborate in seminars and other related tasks. The doctoral subject would be in the area of geometric topology, for instance on Teichmüller spaces, Riemann surfaces and hyperbolic geometry. The salary is competitive and starts at approximately 40'000 CHF per annum (gross income).

Application material should include a curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation and a letter of purpose explaining the candidate's academic background, achievements to date and research interests.

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Graduate student fellowships